Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Website Coming...We Need You

Lighthouse in Action is in a season of birthing. There are so many NEW things being born, and God is just blowing us away with His work.

There is so much that we want to share with you all on a regular basis, and so much we want the WORLD to be aware of. We want God to get all the glory, all the time, EVERYWHERE.

We have, by faith, began working on a new website, that will connect you to what God is doing in L.I.A in an easy, and exciting way.

We are launching on December 15th, but we have yet to raise the total funds needed to pay the designer (who is doing a phenomenal job).

Would you consider being a part of sharing the wonderful things God is doing in L.I.A, with the rest of the world, and partner with us financially?

We have a few hundred dollars left to raise. Would you consider donating even just $10 to the new website?

If you would like to, you can donate at YWAM Thailand. On the drop down box, click for "other", then type in "Lighthouse in Action (Website)".

We are taking a step of faith in this, knowing that God will provide someway, somehow. This is only one small step in the many to come. He has been faithful in the past, and we know He will be faithful once again.

Thank You!
-Lighthouse Staff

Lots of English Learning Going On...and Rice!

The past two weeks have been an outburst of God-awesome things going on with Lighthouse in Action. We wanted to give you an update of what God is doing here, so that we can celebrate together!


We had our English camp two weekends ago, in Pai. There were 15 students, and just as many workers. It was great to be able to build close relationships with the college students. We were able to really show them how much we love them, and how much God loves them, through English speaking, scavenger hunts, over coffee, and roaming the Pai evening market.

We now have a more solid presence of these college students in our weekly English classes at WonGen Kafe. They also just come to hang out with us a lot more throughout the day.

One of them, has even decided to follow Jesus! Continue to pray for the Truth and Love of Jesus to reach them. Who says it's not fun to serve Jesus?!


It's is rice harvest season in the villages now. We were able to have some volunteers go up to Emmi's home village and help harvest the rice. It was a lot of hard work, but so rewarding.

We were able to show a movie to the villagers that is in Thai, and focuses on the Gospel. We were able to share this Truth with the many homes that our past teams have been hosted in, and served alongside. God's presence was truly there. 

It was such a blessed week of doing life with the villagers, and seeing new relationships being built, and other relationships continuing to be restored.

Love Acts:

Doors have opened up miraculously, for us to begin teaching English in the bars and massage parlors IN the red-light. We are currently teaching at one massage parlor, and two bars...and the doors just keep opening and opening.

It is truly divine how the relationships have started to build between the "teachers" (teams), and the students (bar-girls). God is giving us SO much favor with them. It has aslo helped us when we do outreach at night, because they see us, including the men, as respected and genuinely caring for them.

When we dont have students to teach, we walk around the red-light and flood it with mighty and effective prayers. We can literally SEE the change that God is doing there.

Partnering with a local Thai church, we are also reaching the children who work there, with a 10-15 minutes "Love Blitz". We gather them, sit in a circle, and play a game, sing a song, do a craft, or speak English. They are starting to associate us with being a "safe place", even when they see us doing outreach in the bars, while they are working.

We are praying more and more children will come, and experience the Love of the Father.

We're also continuing to reach the children in the slums, by teaching English and then playing games. No matter how long our days are, being with the children there is ALWAYS a joy.

Continue to pray for us here at Lighthouse in Action. God is doing many new and powerful things, for His glory. We need continued wisdom, protection, and favor.

Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in Chiang Mai!

-Lighthouse Staff

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What In The World Does Lighthouse in Action Do?

in short... A LOT.

But if you are the type who likes to have things spelled out nice and clear, like some of our new staff, then you will be DELIGHTED to read this blog post.

Lighthouse in Action is the name of the umbrella organization, that covers three different divisions/parts/branches.

Won Generation:

WonGeneration is our college outreach ministry.

We want to see a winning generation of young Thai students who are committed to following Christ. We do college outreach events, teach English classes, and do special events for the students (like the English camp in Pai, that we are having this weekend).

Love Acts:
Love Acts is the red-light district and slums outreach ministry.

We go out into the bars of northern Thailand and build relationships with the girls, and ladyboys. Our hope is that they will see Jesus in us, and we can offer them an alternative to the life they are living now. We have English classes available for the red-light district workers. We also have a new sponsorship program in the works for the ones who are ready to leave. You will be hearing about it by the end of next month.

We are also hoping to create a social enterprise for Love Acts that focuses on the ones who are passionate about the arts, and will be able to sell their work to make a living, and use the rest of the money to continue the red-light district outreach of Love Acts.

We also work with at risk children in the red-light, slums, and (newly) in a drop in center by building relationships, playing games, teaching English, and music.


X-Life is the village outreach/prevention ministry.

We want to see the villages of northern Thailand transformed with the truth of God. We work alongside, laugh, cry, sleep, and do life with the villagers in hopes that our lives will show the characteristics of a Jesus they have yet to meet. We also hope to educate them on the evil truths of the commercial sex trade in the cities, so that they do not sell their children into a life of prostitution.

Those are the three ministries under Lighthouse in Action

Then we have WonGen Kafe.
WonGen Kafe is a place where students, missionaries, tourists, bar workers, and families can go to eat some delicious food, and hang out in a safe, loving, and goldy environment.

It's where we hold our English classes, meetings, open mics, concerts, and even a church service!

We also have the homely Lighthouse Guesthouse

The guesthouse is available for missionaries, missions teams, and believers looking for a place to stay while visiting Chiang Mai for a couple of days.

So yea.. we do a lot... and we'll have a PHENOM website up in a few weeks to share it all with you in a more 2011ish way.

Because we do a lot, we need and will be needing more full-time staff. So keep an eye out for available positions once our website launches.

And keep an eye out for MANY new and exciting things coming.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

-Lighthouse Staff

Monday, November 7, 2011

Homework Help Near A Pile of Dirt

The slums outreach part of Love Acts has begun to take on more shape and structure. We are now partnering with a local Thai church and we work together to bring love and hope to the children in one of the slums, here in Chiang Mai, three times a week. We are hoping to eventually reach two more slums within this year, and we are hoping to extend that to 5 days a week when we have more fulltime volunteers (hint hint).

The Love Acts team brings fun group game ideas, English language teaching, and English homework help, while the Thai church brings Thai homework help, and Bible stories. It has truly been a blessed partnership, and there is just SO much joy that comes with working with these dear children.

Though their studying conditions are not favorable, the children are still focused, respectful, and eager to learn. We wish pictures could grasp the preciousness of each child we are privileged to work with, but even still we would like to share some with you.

It's a blessing to get to pour into the future of Thailand, and we take that privilege and responsibility seriously, so we make sure to have as MUCH fun with them as possible.

-Lighthouse Staff

New Season In Chiang Mai, New Season For L.I.A

The weather has been changing here in Chiang Mai the past week or so. The humidity is on its way out and cooler nights are on their way in. The sounds and sights of fire crackers, and fire works are filing the night time air, as Thailand prepares for Loi Krathong- Festival of the Lights.

There are definitely signs of the winter season beginning in Chiang Mai. The same way there are signs of a new season beginning for us here at Lighthouse in Action.

We are working on revamping, restructuring, and creating new names, programs, and ideas that will allow us to be more effective practically and spiritually.

Like for instance, our new red-light/slums outreach name: Love Acts.

There are a lot of new and exciting things that are in the works for Love Acts. We hope to share those things with you in the next few weeks, and months, as they come to fruition. 

We really believe we are entering into a harvest season.

And so, we're needing to prepare for it. We are doing this in many ways, and one of the most practical ways of doing this is creating a new website that will share all the wonderful things God is doing through Lighthouse in Action.

In order to create a website, that you would want to visit, revisit and share with your friends, we need to hire a professional web designer. We have found one that we are confident will give Lighthouse in Action the most AMAZING website ever (you wil have to just see for yourself in a few weeks).

Would you care to be a part of the funding of the website? You can donate online at YWAM Thailand (click "other" and type "Lighthouse In Action (website)" ) or you can mail a check to:

 YWAM SF Donor services , P.O. Box 60579, Colorado Springs, CO. 80960 
(with "Lighthouse in Action (website)" in the memo)

We're excited to be able to work alongside you during this time in Lighthouse In Action's history.

The best is truly yet to come!... So stay tuned=)

-Lighthouse Staff

Monday, October 31, 2011

Look At Our New Additions!

Through campaigns, donations, and prayer we were able to renovate our kitchen!

We put in a new ventilation system, and stove! No more having to serve one person at a table, at a time. We can now serve a table of two at the same time.

We also were able to put in a window to transfer the delicious cooked meals through, instead of having to walk all the way around the kitchen to get it.

There was a team here from Tennessee, and when Emmi expressed her vision of having a classroom where bar girls, and college students can learn without distractions, the team went right to work.

We now have TWO classrooms!

We're hoping to utilize the rooms as much as possible.

The university break is now over, so college students will be filling these rooms.  

We also now have steady English language learning classes for the bar girls. We're hoping this will be the next step in building relationships with them, and seeing who is ready to choose a different life.

We are always looking for the ONE who is ready to be harvested. We are believing God to do amazing things this next season... look what He's done so far, and it can only get better because we go from glory to glory!

-Lighthouse In Action Staff

Friday, October 28, 2011

MIssion Accomplished: Discipleship Training Week

You can plan and plan and plan, and prepare for things to go a certain way, but when you serve a God that is greater than our ideas, and who can do more than anything we can ever expect or imagine, you'e always in for AMAZING turn of events.

During discipleship training week, October 17-October 23, God came and did wonderful things with our 18 students!

We woke up Monday morning at 6am.. yes.. 6am..everyday...  bright eyed and bushy tailed.

but by day three we started to feel more like this in the mornings,

Monday-Thursday we started the days off with a devotional and quiet time with the Lord, that led to worship where God's presence came and spoke to our hearts

Then we had some phenomenal teachings and truths spoken to us, from God's word. We learned about His heart, His love for His children, and His desire for a deeper more intimate relationship with us.

In the afternoons we had fellowship time, which quite often turned into impromptu worship sessions, and dance and drama practice for our end of the week outreach.

Friday was a unique day, in that Pi Ben bridged the cultural gap between Jesus and Thai culture. The students prayed a chant to God, and 8 students were baptized in the context of Thai culture.

The three incense sticks represent the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, whom they prayed to, and then the "baptism" was  a washing over the head, symbolizing new life with Christ.

And guess who made a decision to follow Christ, and be baptized...

Choke! He's now the spiritual leader of his family. What a beautiful story of redemption God has turned these lives to be. Modern day trophies of God's grace.

Friday afternoon we all headed off to our 3 1/2 hour drive to Pai to do our weekend outreach. We made it safe and sound through the over 700 curves on the road, and the students were able to pour out what had been poured into them throughout the week.

Through dance



And door to door sharing our God stories in a nearby village

Then on Sunday the students became teachers,

DTW was such a wonderful week, and just the beginning of what God is doing in the students involved. We know that this passion for more of God will continue to grow and will impact the future of Thailand.

We laughed

We prayed and cried

We met with our Dad

-Lighthouse Staff